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I. Portfolio 

Upload photographs of 3 to 6 pieces of original artwork that includes the following:

1. A Building Exterior, done from observation (from observation means you draw looking through the window of your home or any other location at a building/ structure you can see.) 

2. A still life, done from observation (from observation means you draw objects placed before you on a table). 

3. You may choose the remaining 1 to 4 pieces you wish to include. Pieces can be created using any material in any form, and may be two-dimensional or three-dimensional.  


II. Student Introduction

Upload a short video or written explanation about the uploaded pieces of original artwork. Discuss choice of subject & materials, motivation, & influences. Tell us why you are interested in architectural design as a major. Your video should be no longer than 2 minutes. Written explanations should be no more than 500 words.  


III. Virtual Performance Task: 

Interior Room Drawing

In addition to your portfolio works, please submit photographs of your drawing the interior of a  room with in-progress photos. Using pencil and paper, draw any interior room of your home done from observation (from observation means you draw looking at the interior of any room in either your home or another location that you are physically at). 

Make sure you Include a corner of the room that may highlight a piece of furniture with accessories. You may include a window and door if your space has that. Make sure it includes realistic proportions. Try to use value or lines to draw the upholstery of a chair or sofa and maybe, window draping, if you have that in your space. Include any observed details of walls, doors, window mouldings, wall paintings, statues, vases with flowers, and any other special feature of the space that you are physically at. 


The drawing should be completed within 30-45 minutes. We are looking to see how you develop your drawing. Please take photographs as you draw of your work throughout and submit 4 photographs for the drawing at the follow times:

 1. A photograph at 5 minutes. 

 2. A photograph at 10 minutes.

 3. A photograph at 20 minutes.

 4. A photograph of the completed drawing at 30-45 minutes.


IV. Creative Drawing

Design a building inspired by a sandwich incorporating architectural elements into the design.

Using pencil and paper, draw a FANTASTICAL SANDWICH BUILDING OR MONUMENT. Use your imagination and creativity – we want to see your wildest ideas of what a Fantastical Sandwich could look like.l Consider for the drawing:What is the purpose of this building? Who would go there? Are there windows? Where are the doors? Does the building have stairways, etc. When creating your Fantastical Sandwich be sure to include a ground line, background, and fill the whole page. And, have fun with it! 


We may  invite you to a “call back”  Make sure we have a phone number and email address to contact you. 

You can view the Audition Rubric HERE

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