PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR THE Manhattan District Arts Consortium (MDAC) Virtual Fair 

Our program choices are:

M60P: Commercial Art (Cartooning, Illustration and Fashion Design)

M60N: Architectural Design

M60Q: Film and Video Production

M60R: Digital Arts (Graphic design, Animation and Digital Photography)



The High School of Art and Design is a Career and Technical Education (CTE) school with multiple admissions programs. For admission to any of these, students have to present a portfolio, create an introduction either by videotaping yourself or writing a 500 word essay and participate in the audition process. Students will NOT be admitted into any of our programs without participation of both audition and portfolio.

One of the on-task audition requirements for the Commercial Arts(M60P) and Digital Arts(M60R) programs is to draw a figure from observation. Please review the virtual workshop on how to approach drawing the figure from life by clicking HERE.

You can also view our Virtual Open House segment on the website which is available 24/7 to interested students and families. Our teachers and students walk you through each major our school offers.

At this time we are able to offer guidance in preparing your portfolios. Please click on Portfolio Prep for more information.

Please review the information in the FAQ’s below to familiarize yourselves with pertinent information regarding our school.


Students who already receive testing accommodations on all their assessments in school are entitled to testing accommodations. We have extended the times for the audition to accommodate students who are entitled to extended time.


Our Spring Arts Festival, the yearly student art show, is also available to peruse to get a better idea about the art the students create in their classes. This site showcases the work students completed when the school was closed during COVID 19.


For help with photographing your artwork, please review this steps in this PDF.


To apply to Art and Design, all applicants will go to to create an account to select any of our programs. For directions on how to sign up for any of our auditions, please go to

You will NOT be eligible for admission to our school unless you signed in through the website, created an account, and used their online auditions tool to arrive at our auditions portal.


If you have any additional questions about accommodations during the audition process, please reach out directly to Elma Reingold, AP of the Arts, at