HSAD Admissions / Audition 2021 - 2022








The High School of Art & Design program choices are:

M60P: Commercial Art (Cartooning, Illustration and Fashion Design)

M60N: Architectural Design

M60Q: Film and Video Production

M60R: Digital Arts (Graphic design, Animation and Digital Photography)


  • High School applications will open the week of January 24th, and the NEW deadline will be the week of March 11th.

  • All high school audition programs will accept virtual auditions via the newly developed “Additional Materials” section in MySchools.

  • The components for all schools’ programs in a specific discipline (such as vocal music or visual arts) will be the same. This means that students only have to prepare and submit, say, one vocal music audition to apply to three schools’ vocal music programs.  

  • Auditions will consist of the same components whether they are virtual or in person.

  • Preparation videos for each of the disciplines are available on our auditions page,




The High School of Art and Design is a Career and Technical Education (CTE) school with multiple admissions programs. For admission to any of these, students have to present a virtual portfolio, and create an introduction either by videotaping themselves or writing a 500-word essay. Students will NOT be admitted into any of our programs without participation in the NEW 2022 VIRTUAL AUDITION PROCESS.


Please be advised that The High School of Art & Design will ONLY conduct Virtual Auditions for the 2021 - 2022 academic school year, in efforts to best streamline a more equitable process for all students, in line with the new virtual audition components and protocols provided from The Office of High School Enrollment and the Office of the Arts and Special Projects. THERE WILL BE NO IN-PERSON AUDITIONS. To ensure consistent and equitable expectations for students and families in a virtual format, all audition schools will accept virtual auditions through the MySchools student submissions page (site currently under construction). 

Within these parameters, students will be asked for consistent audition components and evaluated against consistent rubric criteria to ensure equity. YOU CAN ACCESS THE common audition virtual components on the website. 

Attention Families: Please note that due to the overwhelming number of applicants submitting virtual portfolios this year to The High School of Art & Design, we are encouraging students to kindly submit final work considered "ready to be assessed" by our art teachers.  We will ensure that all work submitted will be thoroughly reviewed and ranked by HSAD Art Teachers but cannot guarantee that revised and / or resubmitted work will be re-assessed due to time constraints and large number of submissions.  


Families are encouraged to use the DOE online, public, searchable high school directory ( to explore schools and programs. Families do not need to login to explore schools and programs.

Families should sign up to receive high school alerts at

Families are encouraged to watch the NYCDOE High School Admissions Video Series at Please note that information in these videos reflects last year’s admissions process.

State test scores will not be used to determine admissions to screened programs next year.

Please click on VIDEO TUTORIALS for more information.

Please review the information in the HSAD FAQ PAGE to familiarize yourselves with pertinent information regarding our school.


Students who already receive testing accommodations on all their assessments in school are entitled to testing accommodations. THE NEW VIRTUAL AUDITIONS PROCESS was designed to best accommodate students who are entitled to extended time.


Our Spring Arts Festival, the yearly student art show, is also available to view on our school’s website to get a better idea about the art the students create in their classes. This site showcases the work students completed during the school year 2020-2021. You can also view the work the students’ completed while schools were closed due to COVID 19 on the website..


For help with photographing your artwork, please review these steps in this PDF.


If you have any additional questions about accommodations during the audition process, please reach out directly to Kevin Lopez, Assistant Principal of the Arts, at