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NEW HSAD Admissions Timeline

October 3: HS Application Opens

December 1: HS Application Deadline

The High School of Art & Design program choices are*:

M60P: Commercial Art (Cartooning, Illustration and Fashion Design Majors)

M60N: Architectural Design Major

M60Q: Film and Video Production Major

M60R: Digital Arts (Graphic Design, Animation and Digital Photography Majors)


*Please be advised that students can apply to up to FOUR programs via the MYSCHOOLS Portal.  The total number of programs students can apply to is 12 programs.  We encourage ALL students to submit up to 12 citywide PROGRAM OPTIONS, per the Chancellor’s recommendations.  Kindly note that students can only apply to ONE art discipline under the FOUR program categories.  For example, students can only submit one portfolio under the Digital Arts and one portfolio under Commercial Arts program categories.   

M60P: Commercial Art 

Admissions Method: Virtual Audition

Program Description:

Students select CTE / Visual Art majors from Cartooning, Fashion/Costume Design or Illustration. Technical assessments are required for CTE certification. Upper grade students can apply for AP courses in Illustration or Cartooning. All portfolios are evaluated by professionals. This program offers opportunities for internships. Museum visits, rotating student exhibitions, and visiting industry professionals are all included in this program.

M60N: Architectural Design

Admissions Method: Virtual Audition

Program Description:

Program includes study of structures, space, color, form, with a focus on hand drafting as well as software applications, architectural design, model making, sketching, and AutoCAD. Seniors complete a city planning design project to address current zoning issues. Students visit museums and professional studios, design showrooms and hear from professionals. Student projects are critiqued and reviewed by industry partners in order to provide students with specific, relevant industry feedback.

M60Q: Film/Video Production

Admissions Method: Virtual Audition

Program Description:

Our comprehensive, three-year, studio-based curriculum immerses students in the pre-production, production, and post-production process. Through hands-on filmmaking, students learn film theory, film analysis, scriptwriting, editing in Adobe Premiere Pro, and gain industry-based technical and theoretical knowledge. Students have access to state-of-the-art equipment, participate in contests and film festivals, and meet visiting artists and professionals.

M60R: Digital Arts

Admissions Method: Virtual Audition

Program Description:

Students select CTE / Digital Art majors from Animation, Digital Photography and Graphic Design. Technical assessment required for CTE certification. Upper grade students can apply for AP courses in Graphic Design. All digital portfolios are evaluated by industry professionals. Opportunities to learn from industry professionals during in class presentations and workshops. Visits to various design studios. Opportunities for job shadowing, mentorship and internships.

  • If your child currently attends a NYC public school (DOE or charter), you can work with your child's current school to receive a copy of your welcome letter.

  • If your child attends a private, independent, or parochial school you can visit a Family Welcome Center to receive a welcome letter.



  • High School applications opened October 3rd, 2023 and with December 1st, 2023 as the deadline to submit high school applications. 

  • All high school audition programs will accept virtual auditions via the “Additional Materials” section in MySchools. 


  • The components for all high school programs in a specific discipline (such as film or visual arts) are the same. This means that students only have to prepare and submit one virtual audition portfolio to apply to several schools that have the same art / CTE program.  For example, students submitting virtual film portfolios can submit the same pieces to both Art & Design and Frank Sinatra High School of the Arts. Auditions will consist of the same components whether they are virtual or in person.



  • Students who already receive testing accommodations on all their assessments in school are entitled to testing accommodations. THE NEW VIRTUAL AUDITIONS PROCESS was designed to best accommodate students who are entitled to extended time.

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