Our program choices are:

M60P: Commercial Art (Cartooning, Illustration and Fashion Design)

M60N: Architectural Design

M60Q: Film and Video Production

M60R: Digital Arts (Graphic design, Animation and Digital Photography)


Accommodations for Art and Design Auditions

Students who already receive testing accommodations on all their assessments in school are entitled to testing accommodations. This includes:

  • Students with existing testing accommodations on their IEP.

  • Students with an existing 504 Plan that includes testing accommodations.

  • Students who are English Language Learners or eligible former English Language Learners

  • Like previous years, school counselors are responsible for notifying the High School of Art and Design of the testing accommodations for each of their students who will be auditioning according to our schedule. Should the students need to attend on a conflict day, the school counselor is responsible for notifying Art and Design High School  as such to ensure that the students receive the accommodations at the audition.


If you have any additional questions about accommodations during the audition process, please reach out directly to Elma Reingold, AP of the Arts, at

The High School of Art and Design

245 East 56th Street NY, NY 10022 

Tel: (212) 752-4340 | Fax: (212) 752-4945