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The required Art History course is taken by all students in their first year at the High School of Art & Design. Students will learn about the major art movements and global artistic traditions from the Old Stone Age to today. They will explore: a variety of subject matter, materials and techniques, genres, the role of art in society, and the business of art through the ages. How historical events and new technologies have shaped art making will also be discussed. 

Students will be required to evaluate their own work as well as the work of their peers in written/spoken formative and summative assessments. Students will participate in discussions analyzing works of art shown in class and their own works created in class! Students will also analyze informational texts relating to art, visit museums and galleries (virtually), gather evidence from reading critical texts, and write corresponding reports. All students will maintain a digital portfolio of class projects, course assignments and independent research including artist statements. 

This course aligns with the school-wide literacy initiative, Culturally Responsive Education initiative, and the Common Core Learning Standards preparing students for post-secondary, higher education studies and twenty-first century careers in the arts-related industries. 

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