HSAD Art Department Grading Policy 2021 - 2022:

● Project Final: : 40% Composed of students’ final project submission graded against a rubric that includes all skills acquired through process. Incomplete work will receive no higher than 55% of the total of the 40%.
● Assessments: 20% Students participation in critiques, peer evaluation, responding to artworks. artist statements, oral and digital presentations. Also included are exams, professional technical assessments, quizzes.


● Class Participation and Professionalism: 20% Composed of students’ class participation i.e completion of daily Do Now assignments, shared discussion, submission of group work, notebooks, and class work. Adhering to due dates of project submissions is a crucial component of your professionalism grade.
● Project Process / Homework: 20% Process is based on checkpoints in the process of completing a final project and/or homework assignments, i.e. thumbnails, roughs, preparatory drawings and research, responsive reading and annotations, artists statements, etc... 

ART DEPARTMENT LATE-WORK POLICY (non-homework): A due date is assigned.  A late submission of one week for a task will result in the highest grade starting at 90%. A late submission of two weeks for a task will result in the highest grade starting at 80%. Students may submit completed work until a week before the end of a marking period.  Individual student accommodation will be made on an individual basis.