The art department’s mission is to inspire, educate and fully prepare our students to become exceptional artists. Through a unified curriculum that incorporates a broad spectrum of design and art with technology, addresses literacy, we prepare our students to be college and career ready with industry-standard mastery in the major of their choice.

We value each and every student’s unique perspective and abilities.  Their own voice is central to their artwork. Students can better relate to what is taught through choices in material, subject matter, and by allowing them to connect with their own cultures.  This perspective allows teachers to hear and listen to their concerns and stories. By including the students in developing criteria, students and teachers set high expectations for their ​own learning, so they can reach their potential as they explore the various majors.

Art Department Grading Policy:

Class Participation and Professionalism: 20% Composed of students’ class participation i.e completion of daily Do Now assignments, shared discussion, submission of group work, notebooks, and class work. Adhering to due dates of project submissions is a crucial component of your professionalism grade.

Assessments: 20% Students participation in critiques, peer evaluation, responding to artworks. artist statements, oral and digital presentations. Also included are exams, professional technical assessments, quizzes.

Project Process: 20% process is based on checkpoints in the process of completing a final project i.e. thumbnails, roughs, preparatory drawings and research, responsive reading and annotations,

Project Final:  40% Composed of students’ final project submission graded against a rubric that includes all skills acquired through process. Incomplete work will receive no higher than a 55% of the total of the 40%.

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