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I. Portfolio Upload - photographs of 3 to 6 pieces of original artwork that includes the following:

1. A self-portrait, done from observation (from observation means you draw yourself by looking in a mirror).

2. A still life, done from observation (from observation means you draw objects placed before you on a table).

3. You may choose the remaining 1 to 4 pieces you wish to include. Pieces can be created using any material in any form, and may be two-dimensional or three-dimensional.  If you have done animation please include in the following file formats: mp4, Quicktime, .mov, .gif,


II. Student Introduction

Upload a short video or written explanation about the uploaded pieces of original artwork. Discuss choice of subject & materials, motivation, & influences.Why would you choose animation as a possible major at Art & Design?  Your video should be no longer than 2 minutes. Written explanations should be no more than 500 words.


III. Virtual Performance Task: Figure Drawing

In addition to your portfolio works, please submit photographs of one figure drawing with in-progress photos. Using pencil and paper, draw the human figure. Make sure you draw the entire figure and fit it on the page – do not cut off parts of the head or feet. Draw your figure with realistic proportions. Try to use value or lines to draw the folds on the clothes. Include any observed details & draw the facial features. Include background elements to place the figure in a space to prevent them from floating in the air. You may choose to pose a friend or family member.

The drawing should be completed within 30-45 minutes. We are looking to see how you develop your drawing.


Please take photographs of your work throughout your drawing and submit 4 photographs for the drawing at the follow times:

1. A photograph in 5 minutes.

2. A photograph at 10 minutes.

3. A photograph at 20 minutes.

4. A photograph of the completed drawing at 30-45 minutes.


IV. Creative Drawing

*If you are applying to & Art and Design High School submit this creative drawing.


Stage an interesting scene of a character eating a  sandwich in 3 phases.

Consider what type of character you use

Consider who the character is. What type of sandwich they are eating.

Why are they eating this sandwich and where are they eating this sandwich.

Be as creative as possible while pushing the story forward.

Schools may invite you to “call backs” for other school specific requirements.

You can view the Audition Rubric HERE


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