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Q: Is preregistration required for an audition?

A: No.  Our auditions run according to last name.  As long as the application and program choices are entered into MySchools their name will appear on a list for our auditions. While it is not necessary to preregister for an audition date, if the student’s application and program choice is not entered into MySchools, we cannot consider the student for placement.


Q: What is MySchools?

A: MySchools is the system used to enter high school applications and program choices.  NYC families can use MySchools to apply to public schools from Kindergarten to High School. Create an account, then explore your student’s personalized school options and get guidance on the admissions process from start to finish. These choices are private for families, and only you and your student(s) know what you enter.  Once this information is complete, we receive a list of potential candidates that we can anticipate for auditions.


Q: How do I know when to show up for my audition?

A: All auditions are scheduled according to last name.  The current audition cycle for 2018 (for admission to the 2019-2020 school year) is posted on our website.


Q: My student wants to audition for Commercial Art, but has no observational drawings.  What should we do?

A: Drawing from life/observation is a critical skill necessary for a rigorous arts education.  It is highly suggested that the students include at least two drawings from observation in their portfolio.


Q: Do you conduct workshops for middle school students to help develop their portfolios?

A: Yes. We hold workshops specifically designed to help students who need observational drawing time and portfolio development. This season's workshops have concluded.  


Q: What about Film/Video workshops?  My student wants to learn how to storyboard - what should we do?

A: The Film Video department is offers FREE workshops on drawing storyboards each audition cycle.  


Q: What happens the day of the audition?

A: Students arrive on the date and time of their audition.  All auditions start at 9:00 am sharp. Parents can either wait in the auditorium or return after the audition is complete, usually around 2 hours.  Students complete their audition, portfolio review and interview, then parents can pick up their students.


Q: Can I accompany my child to the audition room?

A: We completely understand wanting to be with your student while they audition.  However, in order to keep the experience student-centered and focused, we provide the auditorium for you to wait until the audition is complete.

Q: We are out of town on our scheduled audition date and time.  Is there a make-up date?

A: Make up dates are customarily offered for extenuating circumstances.  Make up dates are posted along with the regular audition dates on our website.


Q: What happens after the audition?

A: The auditions are scored and portfolio reviews are complete.  We send our information to the Office of High School Enrollment, who then generates offers based on family choices and student performance.  Please keep in mind this process is specific to audition schools.


Q: Does the school keep my child’s portfolio?

A: No.  The portfolio review occurs during the audition.  All students retain their portfolios at the end of the audition.

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