Art Careers - Internship Program at the H.S. of Art & Design

The Work-Based Learning Internship Program at the High School of Art & Design is a federally funded, state approved, and Department of Education administered program in which students at our school are offered the opportunity to use the skills learned in their CTE art classes at major art businesses, organizations, and with individual artists. The program pays the students to intern at these sites which are supervised by both an administrator at the site and Mr. Landegger at the school. Students are introduced to a professional work site and begin the process of understanding how their skills developed at the school are now utilized in the business world. New skills and awareness of a career in the arts becomes more apparent with these internships. Last year Art & Design had over 70 students interning during the school year and another 23 during the summer months. We placed students of every art major into internships and some of the internships included: designing brochures, photographing and editing weddings and sports events, videotaping weddings and sports events, editing films, designing books, printing flyers and brochures at a state of the art print shop, working with kids on art projects, designing websites and sending out social media, working in galleries, assisting artists, and designing and producing props for an opera. The internships are open to Seniors who are at least 16 years old; who are academically in good standing and receive a recommendation from both their art teacher and a academic teacher. We try to work with administration to provide the seniors with schedules that allow them to finish their studies earlier in the day so that they can arrive at the site at a reasonable hour and receive a meaningful internship experience. 

 It is often hard for young people to land a job because most jobs ask for experience.The internship program at the school provides a way for the students to get a foot in the door. In many cases it is the beginning of a life long career, but in some it may be an experience that decides for them that this type of career is not for them. It is better to find this out at an earlier age. It has been researched that students who have internships also do better in their academic subjects as well. The students’ learn from the experience that all the skills including academic preparation are important on the job site. Mr. Landegger is in room 1001 everyday during periods 3, 7 and 8, so if the student/intern has paperwork to hand in there is someone in the office every day.



What to expect:

Once you complete the online application, if you are approved Mr. Landegger will call you to the internship office to discuss how to reach out to our host sites for the interview process.  They will also give you the additional required paperwork at that time.  

In the meantime: please make sure you have your working papers, your social security card and your school ID.  If you do not have working papers please see Ms. Hart or Ms. Johnson in Room 607 to start the process immediately.

Mr. Landegger: Room 1001A 3rd, 7th and 8th periods

After the interview process, if you are accepted as an intern you will need to onboard, which means show our main internship office your social security card, working papers and school ID.  We will also have you fill out an I9 page 7 form.  You may do this via Skype from our office in 1001A, or you may need to go to the office in person (we will give you directions if this is the case).

Once the main office approves you, you will receive an email from them stating when you are allowed to begin working.  You will need to keep track of your hours on a time sheet (we will provide these for you), and turn those in on time to get paid properly.

You can always see us if you have any questions!


Fill out THIS FORM to be considered for internship placement.

Are you interested in hosting one or some of our students as interns at your place of employment? If so, please fill out THIS FORM.