Hello Families of Art and Design,


We want to being by thanking everyone for their immense patience and participation in the process of reopening Art and Design for fall 2020. Between the challenges posed by the pandemic and near constant changes to NYC DOE policies, we have experienced some setbacks to the "normal" start of the school year.


At this time, your young professionals' programs are available in Pupilpath. The program will indicate the courses needed to progress towards graduation and some new information. Our modified bell schedule runs from periods 1-7. 


If your young professional is attending classes in person, they will have an assigned Cohort Group (A, B or C) on period 9 of their program. If any of their teachers are working remotely, they will see the letters "RL" next to that teachers name on their program. Please note that both programs and the current members of faculty out on accommodation are both subject to change. We encourage all families and young professionals to pay careful attention to changes in the program by checking daily for shifts in their schedule or the in-person availability of their teachers. We understand that these factors may be important in deciding if you choose to remain in-person or work remotely.


Should you decide to select fully remote learning, please notify Ms. Engler at


If you are unable to access Pupilpath or Myschools, please contact our parent coordinator, Janeen Johnson, at


Here's the recording from today's Student Town Hall Livestream with Principal Re-Sugiura



Hey Everyone, 


Looking forward to seeing you this Wednesday and Thursday for our summer Bridge program. Don't forget to have your cameras on so we can meet face-to-face, connect and better prepare for an unforgettable school year.


Part 2: Art and Design Introduction will take place Sep 3, 2020 09:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)


As promised, here is the Orientation Day 2 video. Our arts department created this self-paced video for you to follow along, rewind and revisit as needed. We are SO excited for you to practice your skills under the support and tutelage of our outstanding arts teachers. As a reminder, I will also hold a Student Town Hall at 11 AM tomorrow to address the many topics and concerns that effect our community this fall.


Our arts department did not want to rush the process of our young professionals. They developed a video seminar which will be posted above and on our New Student Orientation Google Classroom page at 9 AM. You can get to know our arts faculty and proceed through the interactive video session at your own pace. 


Principal Re-Sugiura will also hold a Town Hall at 11 AM to address the many topics and concerns that effect our community this fall. The livestream link for that Meet is here.  



Maximillian Re-Sugiura