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As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the NYC Department of Education was forced to delay the process of distributing diplomas to graduating students. Now that we have defined protocols to keep school staff and students safe during this process, we have resumed the preparation and distribution of diplomas for all graduates.


Diploma Distribution will take place during the week of October 26th, 2020. 


  • We have prepared your diplomas and commencement credentials with students’ names, the principal’s signature, and seals. 

  • You must fill out this form that will provide you with the information on the dates and times you need to pick-up your diplomas. Please report promptly at the scheduled time. 

  • Health and safety protocols for returning to buildings to pick-up diplomas will be included in this form. 

  • If you are unable to pick-up your diploma, a parent or guardian or person in a custodial relationship to the student as documented in ATS can pick up the diploma on their behalf. They must also follow the health and safety protocol and present a valid form of ID to receive the diploma. Parents must also sign the diploma receipt form on behalf of the student when picking-up the diploma. 

  • In order to have the diplomas mailed out, students must: 
    - Attest that they are unable to pick up their diploma in person
    - Provide consent to having their diploma mailed
    - Acknowledge that their diploma cannot be replaced if lost, stolen, or damaged (but proof of graduation can be provided upon request).


If you choose to pick your Diploma up in person, please see your scheduled day and time by clicking here

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