The Honors Illustration department does not disappoint this year with themes of social justice, social media, racism and phobias across the spectrum.  As Merryl Streep once famously said, “Take your heart, make it into art”, these students have risen to the challenge and created thought-provoking, sensitive and conscientious work that is truly of our time.  Students, high schoolers in particular, have been in the spotlight recently for unfortunate tragedies, when they are at the age when academic and artistic achievement should be celebrated.  The students at the High School of Art & Design, ever passionate about the world around them, have explored no holds barred, and partnered deeply with their art forms to create this stunning show.


Images from the AP Illustration Show, 2018

Department of Illustration

Our Illustration department combines the best of two worlds, incorporating traditional drawing and painting skills with graphic design and computer technology. The course sequence begins in tenth grade with an illustration workshop that focuses on studio skills using traditional tools and materials, while the technology segment concentrates on Adobe Creative Suite’s Photoshop program. The junior year curriculum emphasizes practical commercial assignments, including newspaper editorial illustration, spot drawings, book cover and periodical designs. Drawing and painting from life are essential to picture making; the study of traditional rendering skills is thoroughly integrated with commercial graphic design orientation.
Senior year illustration students pursue independent projects, while preparing a final portfolio and digital portfolio for professional review and college admissions.