Film/Video Department Storyboarding Workshops

In this workshop students will be introduced to the process of creating a Storyboard. Students will learn the names and definitions of popular types of shots and then applying the theoretical concepts of Visual Storytelling and Shot Variety to create their very own storyboard. This workshop will be particularly helpful for students who are planning to apply for the Film/Video major at the High School of Art & Design.

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CONGRATULATIONS to the Art & Design film students who won a total of $34,500 at the 2018 DisneyABC Get Reel With Your Dreams Awards Competition, hosted by ABC's Sade Baderinwa on July 10th, 2018!!! Our students swept the competition, winning 1st, 2nd, 4th, 6th, 7th, and 9th place. This brings Art & Design Film Department’s running total to well over $150,000 in prizes. The films will also be screened in taxi cabs around the city. See photos below!

Art & Design Film / Video students win BIG!!

Department of Film & Video

Described by the Tribeca Film Institute as “one of the premiere high school film programs in New York City”, the film/video department at The High School of Art & Design is a New York State Career and Technical Education (CTE) certified program.

The High School of Art & Design film/video department has won first prize in the Citywide Graphic Arts Competition for six of the past seven years, placed Silver Medalist in the New York State level Skills USA Digital Cinema Production Competition, and has won over $120,000, to date, in scholarship money for student films through ABC/Disney Get Reel With Your Dreams, Citywide Graphic Arts Competition, SNY Film Festival and other competitions. Our film department was also hand-picked by the Tribeca Film Institute to collaborate on a feature film being produced by TFI, which will be screened in the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival, with our film students directing, filming, and editing the film.

Our three-year college-level curriculum is studio based. Students learn the elements of preproduction, production, and postproduction, by producing five to six short films each year in small groups. Our filmmaking students produce their films in full HD, using prosumer DSLR and video cameras, high fidelity condenser microphones, and professional lighting gear. Industry-standard non-linear editing software Adobe Premiere Pro CC is used for post-production, with each student assigned to his or her own personal computer workstation. Through hands-on learning, students immerse themselves in the comprehensive theoretical and technical curriculum, gaining industry skills, while building developing a professional portfolio and film reel.

Industry partners include The Tribeca Film Institute, Apollo Theater in Harlem, Tony Bennett’s Exploring the Arts, The Jewish Museum, The Museum of The Moving Image, Maysles Institute, College Now, and numerous other organizations across the city where our students gain industry experience as fellows and interns.

2017 Get Reel With Your Dreams Competition

2016 Get Reel With Your Dreams Competition