The Animation Department has undergone some MAJOR improvements over the last couple years, and we're excited to bring you the latest, freshest animations taught by real animators.  While we're working to bring you a new series of work from the department, please check out our Instagram account, @linetimestudio - Yes, our Animation department has its own studio name now!

Department of Animation

Work Based Learning Standards are implemented in 2D, 3D, Stop Motion and Game Design. Students gain certification in Toon Boom Animate Pro, 3D Visualization and Animation Certificates from Skills USA, as well as Internships and Career Advisory from industry leaders. The classes all begin to develop a licensed property and learned the basics of demographics in a variety of media, promotional items, and more as they explore the fundamental aspects of the Art of Animation. Textbooks Used Include: Richard Williams The Animators Survival Kit, Introducing Maya, and Certification Manuals provided by Toon Boom.  Please check back soon for our latest student animations - fresh, new and taught by real animators and professionals in their fields.