Department of Mathematics

Integrated Algebra-ME21, ME22, ME43, ME44

This is the first mathematics course in high school.  The course set forth here is not the algebra course of 30 years ago.  The focal point of this course is the algebra content strand.  Algebra provides tools and ways of thinking that are necessary for solving problems in a wide variety of disciplines, such as science, business, social sciences, fine arts and technology.  This course will assist students in developing skills and processes to be applied using a variety of techniques to successfully solve problems in a variety of settings.  Students take a Regents exam at the end of the course.

 Geometry-MG21, MG22, MGS33 

This is intended to be the second course in mathematics in high school.  There is no other school mathematics course that offers students the opportunity to act as mathematicians.  Within this course, students will have the opportunity to make conjectures about geometric situations and prove in a variety of ways, both formal and informal, that their conclusions follow logically from their hypothesis.  This course is meant to employ an integrated approach to the study of geometric relationships.  Students take a Regents exam at the end of this course.

 Algebra 2 and Trigonometry-MR21, MR22

This is the capstone course of the three units of credit required for a Regents diploma.  This course is a continuation and extension of the two courses that precede it.  While developing the algebraic techniques that will be required of those students that continue their study of mathematics, this course is also intended to continue developing alternative solution strategies and algorithms.  For example, technology can provide too many students the means to address a problems situation to which they might not be otherwise have access.  Students take a Regents exam at the end of this course.

 Pre-Calculus-MPS21, MPS22

This is a yearlong elective honors course for students who have completed their high school and regents math requirements.  This course is considered an introduction to higher-level math and is essential for students who want to enroll in calculus.

 Advanced Placement Calculus-MCS21X, MCS22X

This is a yearlong elective honors course for students who wish to have the opportunity to receive college credit from a high school class.  Students can take the Advanced Placement exam after completing the course and receive college credit if they do well enough on the exam.  This is considered the first course of higher-level math.