We are pleased to publish our 2017-2018 Audition and Open House dates below.  Please note, some school auditions require pre-registrations, audition tickets, or advance sign up.  The High School of Art & Design's auditions and open houses do not require any form of sign up or preregistration.  They are completely walk-in basis.

You MUST however, complete your High School application with your guidance counselor by December 1, 2017.  If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Reingold, Assistant Principal of Art, Architecture, Digital Media and CTE at ereingo@schools.nyc.gov or Mr. Brinegar, Audition Coordinator at jbrinegar@schools.nyc.gov

All students who have applied to the High School of Art and Design must attend an audition.


Our program choices are:

M60P = Commercial Art (Graphic Design, Cartooning, Animation, Illustration, Fashion, Digital Photography)
M60Q = Film/Video Production
M60N = Architectural Design

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is preregistration required for an audition?

A: No. Our auditions run according to last name. As long as the guidance counselor enters the student’s application and program choices into the Student Enrollment Management System (SEMS), their name will appear on a list for our auditions. While it is not necessary to preregister for an audition date, if the student’s application and program choice is not entered into SEMS, we cannot consider the student for placement. If your student's name is not entered PRIOR to their audition, they will not be turned away. As long as the deadline is met for applications, the student will eventually appear on the potential candidate list.

Q: What is SEMS?

A: SEMS is the Student Enrollment Management System that guidance counselors use to enter high school applications and program choices. These choices are private for families, and only you and your student(s) know what you enter. Once guidance counselors complete the information, we receive a list of potential candidates that we can anticipate for auditions. If your student's name is not entered PRIOR to their audition, they will not be turned away. As long as the deadline is met for applications, the student will eventually appear on the potential candidate list.

Q: How do I know when to show up for my audition?

A: All auditions are scheduled according to last name and program.  For example, my name is Joe Smith and I would like to audition for Film, I would attend the Sunday, December 17 audition.

Q: My student is really strong in film, but doesn’t want to audition for Commercial Art. When should he/she audition?

A: There are specific auditions for our film program. Please check the above schedule on the audition poster.

Q: My student wants to audition for Commercial Art, but has no observational drawings. What should we do?

A: Drawing from life/observation is a critical skill necessary for a rigorous arts education. It is highly suggested that the students include at least two drawings from observation in their portfolio.

Q: Do you conduct workshops for middle school students to help develop their portfolios?

A: Yes. The High School of Art & Design offers FREE observational drawing workshops for 8th grade students.  These workshops are staffed by our very own art teachers, who guide students in observational drawings and portfolio development, designed to develop skills considered an essential component for an arts education.

The 2017 dates are October 21, October 28 and November 4, 2017. The link to sign up is available here.

Q: What happens the day of the audition?

A: Students arrive on the date and time of their audition. Parents can either wait in the auditorium or return after the audition is complete, usually around 2 hours. Students complete their audition, portfolio review and interview, then parents can pick up their students.

Q: Can I accompany my child to the audition room?

A: We completely understand wanting to be with your student while they audition. However, in order to keep the experience student-centered and focused, we provide the auditorium for you to wait until the audition is complete.

Q: We are out of town on our scheduled audition date and time. Is there a make-up date?

A: In order to accommodate as many prospective students as possible, make-up dates are offered.  Please refer to the audition poster above for make-up dates.

Q: What happens after the audition?

A: The auditions are scored and portfolio reviews are complete. We send our information to the Office of High School Enrollment who then generate offers based on family choices and student performance. Please keep in mind this process is specific to audition schools.